Friday, June 9, 2017

Takeaways | June 6, 2017 CRM Governance Committee Meeting

The CRM Governance Committee is pleased to share these takeaways from its June 6, 2017 meeting. Please direct questions to the appropriate CRM Governance area representative or the CRM Team.

Summary of Meeting Notes:

  • CRM Team: Continual support and maintenance of system and recruitment areas.
    • Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA): initial discovery meetings with each major are completed, the CRM team will present to the committee by the end of summer a recommendation for approval. 
    • Reviewed the CRM Project Portfolio - the committee would like additional information added to the portfolio that allows each school to prioritize their own projects. In addition, the CRM team will present a recommended project prioritization for the upcoming fiscal year for the committee to review and approve.
    • Summary of Salesforce licenses including count per school, type and cost was shared with the committee. Discussed current policies and processes for obtaining access, deactivation and training. 
  • Marketing Cloud: Implementation still in progress. Work on the preference center is close to completion by consulting group, NimbleJack, this is an integral piece of Marketing Cloud. Development work in progress by the CRM Team in both recruitment and outreach orgs. An update of progress will be provided at the next meeting. IMC working with GSBM Marketing by piloting email journeys in Marketing Cloud with purchased cold leads lists.
  • Event Management System Project: Eventbrite will be decommissioned in the next 6-8 months due to vendor’s inability to integrate with Salesforce. IMC presented the analysis and findings of two final event systems: Linvio and Fonteva. Fonteva was presented as the recommended event system per the project core team. The committee voted and approved the recommendation which includes the implementation of Salesforce Communities. IMC will be providing training and assistance to transition users from Eventbrite to Fonteva. Salesforce Communities will provide a foundation for future use in other areas. 
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT: Led by Advancement, the upgrade to NXT is completed and overall a smooth transition. CRM Team has access to data and is initiating data integration.
  • School of Law - Online Application:  The School of Law will be beta testing an open-sourced online application created by Maryville University and sponsored by Salesforce as a potential replacement of paper applications in non-JD programs. SPP has expressed an interest in testing as well. After testing is completed, the School of Law will present its findings to the committee. 
  • Next Meeting Discussion Items: 
    • Review CRM Governance Charter (J.See)
    • Salesforce Product integration map (S.Fife)
    • Raiser’s Edge NXT integration demo (S. Fife)
    • Marketing Cloud Journey for Leads (IMC)
    • CRM Project Budget Review (J.See)
    • Fonteva Status & Timeline (IMC)