Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Takeaways | May 2, 2017 CRM Governance Committee Meeting

The CRM Governance Committee is pleased to share these takeaways from its May 2, 2017 meeting. Please direct questions to the appropriate area CRM Governance representative or the CRM Admin Team.

CRM Team: In addition to its continual support to each school’s recruitment areas, the CRM Team has / is:
  • Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA): First phase still in progress. The CRM team currently meeting with each major area to review data and feedback. Expected completion by June at that time, will present to the CRM Governance Committee a recommendation regarding HEDA.
  • Schools have requested a second round of testing for Cirrus Insight, a Salesforce / Gmail integration app. CRM Team will work with the school to set a second of testing.
  • Participating in a demo of Pardot as a potential email communication tool for lead/prospect generation for recruitment and admissions teams at the five schools. 
  • Higher Ed Summit 2017: Great Pepperdine representation with 21 staff in attendance. Sean Fife did an informative presentation of Sharing Data Between Multiple Orgs with Salesforce to Salesforce. Go Sean!

Marketing Cloud: Implementation still in progress. IMC and IT CRM finalized the requirements documentation as of 04/27/2017. Development work in Salesforce has commenced. An updated timeline will be provided at the next meeting.
Event Management System Project: There will be two rounds of demos offered on the finalists: Linvio and Fonteva. Both are integrated with Salesforce. At the conclusion of each, IMC will collect feedback by surveys and make a recommendation to the Governance committee. If Fonteva is selected, the Salesforce Communities product will be implemented as well (required for full event functionality with Fonteva). Salesforce Communities is an online social platform that sits on top of Salesforce and provides contact authentication during event registration. Further discussion on Salesforce Communities will continue to ensure any potential risks are assessed.

Raiser’s Edge NXT: Led by Advancement, the upgrade to NXT is progressing well with a target go-live date of May 18, 2017. For more info, please contact Tracy Barry-Rolston.

June’s Meeting Discussion Items:
For Approval (prior to next meeting)
  • Event System Selection
For Discussion
  • Review CRM project queue (L.Tovar)
  • Review CRM Governance Charter (L.Tovar)
  • Salesforce Org changes & charts (S.Fife)
  • Salesforce Product integration map (S.Fife)


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