Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Takeaways | April 4, 2017 CRM Governance Committee Meeting

The CRM Governance Committee is pleased to share these takeaways from its April 4, 2017 meeting. Please direct questions to the appropriate area CRM Governance representative or the CRM Admin Team.

CRM Team: In addition to its continual support to each school’s recruitment areas in their use of Salesforce, the CRM Team has / is:
  • Presented the findings of the CRM Satisfaction Survey - for the complete summary, please refer to the Salesforce User Survey Results
  • Reviewed the feedback from those that participated in the Cirrus Insight pilot, a Salesforce / Gmail integration app. Additional information has been requested by the CRM Governance Committee with a potential second round of testing.
  • Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA): First phase still in progress. The CRM team completed fit-gap meeting with each respective area. Currently assembling feedback which will be shared with each school for review. Once reviewed by schools and findings will be presented to CRM Governance Committee.
  • Trailhead Challenge Winners - Congratulations to: 
    • 1st Place: Yi ‘Curly’ Zeng, Marketing Analyst, GSBM 
    • 2nd Place: Angie Stevens, Student Information Manager, OISS
    • School Admin: Mike Avery, App Developer, Student Systems, GSBM
    • Team: Seaver Admissions

Marketing Cloud: Implementation still in progress. IMC and IT CRM finalizing requirements documentation. At this time, IMC does not have an updated timeline.

Event Management System Project: IMC will be having one additional demo, concluded demos with other event management systems. Have gathered system requirements through a survey to event users at the university.

Raiser’s Edge NXT: Led by Advancement, the upgrade to NXT is progressing well and is currently in testing phase. Expected go-live by mid-April 2017. For more info about NXT, please reach out to Tracy Barry-Rolston.

Salesforce Higher Ed Summit 2017: A total of 22 Pepperdine users will be in attendance and Sean Fife, CRM Chief Application Developer will be presenting.

For Discussion at May’s Meeting:
  • IMC to present texting functionality within Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Review and prioritize CRM Project queue list