Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Constituent as Our Center of Focus

I recently read this LinkedIn post on Efficiency vs Client Focused and it reminds me of our Engaging Waves CRM initiative. Specifically, our institutional strategy with the constituent as our center of focus.

Whether the constituent is a prospect, current student, faculty, staff, alumnus, donor or friend, their Pepperdine experience is and will always be dependent on how well we (the big WE) perform as One Institution. As an institution that prides itself with unique and personalized relationships, Pepperdine is well-equipped to delivering a positive experience. However, the "good" that one Pepperdine part does can be easily diminished by other parts that may not be delivering the "good" just as well.

Our University President has often said that we are Pepperdine's ambassadors. It's true and we are. With a common mindset that thinks institutionally versus departmentally, and a collective collaboration in which left hand knows what the right hand's doing, it is very possible to deliver a positive experience.

While we are in the midst of a campus-wide CRM implementation, reviewing business processes and all, now is a great time to think or perhaps rethink how we do what we do. How we do what we do is our institutional signature.

One good question to ask is "How is our constituent benefiting from our work?" Keeping this question always at the forefront will help us keep our constituent as our center of focus.