Friday, June 13, 2014

Salesforce HE Summit Takeaways

On June 5-6, Salesforce Foundation and Arizona State University hosted the 2nd annual Higher Education Summit in Tempe, AZ. Over 600 higher ed users (more than double prior year's turnout) attended. Pepperdine University was well represented with a total of 19 employees in attendance. Here are some of their takeaways.

David Dickens (SOL)

"Meeting with so many professionals launching the Salesforce platform for their institutions provided the best opportunity yet to get answers to important questions and to learn new questions we hadn't thought to ask!"

Shimeka Bruton (Graziadio)

"I enjoyed the Salesforce conference. I found Dr. Mark Milliron’s presentation very inspirational, and I thought ASU’s panel discussion about their Salesforce implementation experience was very informative."

Matt Ebeling (Seaver)

"It opened my eyes to the valuable network of other university administrators out there who are either (A) already using Salesforce with success or (B) who are, like us, in the throes of implementation.  I think these relationships and their own Salesforce experiences, if taken advantage of, will be an invaluable resource for our decision making processes. Also, after seeing first-hand how multiple Salesforce-compatible apps could instantly and dramatically improve our CRM efficiencies in Alumni Affairs, I left feeling very encouraged and energized for what I hope is the near future of CRM at Pepperdine."

Sheryl Covey (SPP)

"CRM can become an essential tool for managing student retention and satisfaction through learning support, course placement, and advising models with the right implementation partner and internal champions. CRM can equip, empower, and engage our students."

Phil Bohl (SOL)

"I am so glad I attended the Salesforce Higher Education conference.  In addition to making some valuable contacts, I learned a great deal more about how Salesforce can be an incredibly powerful foundation for a communications hub for current students as well as employees (a key need at SOL) in addition to being a powerful tool for recruiting and alumni."

Robin Doty (Graziadio)

"Thank you, and Novita, for the very lovely dinner!! It was a great team builder too :) I enjoyed the conference and learned about some new apps to look into, as well as some ideas about how to enhance alumni and student engagement. I hope to make it to Dreamforce and I look forward to our Salesforce implementation :)"

Jonathan See (IT)

"Mark Milliron reminds us that our higher ed purpose and focus should be to help the student succeed and cross the graduation platform. As an institution, Pepperdine University schools, divisions, and departments must work hand-in-hand to make this happen."

Jane Tado (Graziadio)

"The keynote speakers were amazing!  I received a lot of inspiration for when we have launched with Salesforce/TargetX.  It appears the conference is in the early stages, so the workshops were a little generic.  Unfortunately, the insight from the speakers were a little limited since none had been in the system for a significant amount of time.  However, the key takeaway that I received from the workshops is the importance of strategic planning and organization."

Ashish Regmi (GSEP)

"There seems to be a collective understanding among all types of higher education institutions that CRM needs be an integral part of their business processes in today’s challenging environment. Salesforce is definitely a prominent player in this arena. The other institutions that have implemented Salesforce presented a recurring theme that implementing CRM is not an easy process and considerable amount of time needs to be spent on planning the implementation in order to get the desired results. I think Pepperdine has a lot of work ahead to make our implementation a success. I hope that we can reach that goal with the help of our collective efforts."

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