Monday, February 24, 2014

CRM Success Goes Beyond Simple Technology Installation

Success of a CRM initiative is not measured based on how well the CRM technology is installed. In fact, the CRM technology can be installed correctly from beginning to end, and it can still be considered a failure.

Across any organization, you will find at least one customer touchpoint in each business unit and each touchpoint is an opportunity for the organization to further develop and nurture the relationship with its customer. It is therefore imperative for the organization to operate as a single entity with a unified collaborative effort across all business units.

According to Gartner (G00247644), a sound CRM strategy requires that organizations align its structure and resources with customer intent. Installing a CRM solution does not automatically make the organization customer-centric. Organizational collaboration and change management have a direct impact on the success of the CRM initiative. A CRM solution is only as powerful as the process used and as effective as the collaborative illustrated behaviors of those who use it. Without enhancing effective processes and workflow management internally, a CRM solution will only reflect inefficiencies and lack of organizational collaboration.

At Pepperdine University, the Engaging Waves Initiative offers us a clean-white-slate opportunity to redesign our business processes so that as campus collaborators, we can provide the optimum Pepperdine experience to our constituents. Let's together take advantage of this opportunity.

Is your current business process providing optimum customer service? With a clean white slate, how would you redesign it?

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